• Director : Jonathan Liebesman
  • Writers : Dan Mazeau(Screenplay) And David Johnson(Screenplay)
  • Release Date : March,30th 2012
  • Characters :

Perseus(Sam Worthington) :The Demigod Son Of Zeus

Zeus(Liam Neeson) : The King Of The Gods

Heleus(John Bell)

Hades(Ralph Fiennes) : God Of Underworld

Poseidon(Danny Huston) : God Of The Sea

Ares(Edgar Ramirez) : The Traitorous God Of War

Agenor(Toby Kebbell) : Imprisoned Thief And Son Of  Poseidon

Andromeda(Rosamund Pike) : The Princess

Hephaestus(Bill Nighy) : The Fallen God


Perseus live as fisherman with his son,Heleus.One night,perseus is visited by Zeus(his father),he told perseus that the powers of the gods were fading and the walls of  the underworld prison of tartarus were breaking ,but perseus refuses it.

Zeus go to tartarus to meet his brothers Hades,Poseidon,and his son Ares.hades reminded zeus that he was still furious with him because of problem in the past,and than Zeus told to hades that he must forget it,but hades rejects it.Ares and Hades were join to fight with Poseidon and zeus.Hades and Ares plan to drain Zeus divine power to revive ”Kronos” the father of Zeus,Hades,and Poseidon.they capture and hold Zeus prisoner in chains and the walls of tartarus break,unleashing monsters into the world.

Perseus take heleus to the mount of Idol,and then they speak to zeus,but the dying Poseidon come instead.poseidon said that Hades and Ares were holding Zeus prisoner in tartarus,also he instruct to find his son Agenor to find the fallen god,he knows the way into tartarus.then,Poseidon given his trident to perseus,after that he passed away into the dust.than,perseus flies on Pegasus to the campsite of Queen Andromeda’s army.Andromeda has imprisoned Agenor for stealing crown jewels,but perseus negotiates his release by asking the reluctant Agenor to come along in their plan.

Perseus,Andromeda,Agenor and the soldiers try to find Hephaestus by Agenor explaining that Hephaestus created the three great wipons for the gods.they ask for spear of triam,the only weapon that can defeat Kronos. after met with Hephaestus by showing poseidon’s trident,he explains that he has a map to navigate the is a long labyrinth into tartarus.unfortunately,they met Ares because one of Andromeda’s soldier pray to him .Ares angry,specifically to Perseus.he killed the all of soldiers but finally , perseus, Andromeda, and agenor  can enter to the door before it closed.

Agenor try to use the map to find tartharus,but the labyrinth nearly crushes them.zeus ask Hades for his forgiveness,surprisingly,Hades has a change heart and decide to help Zeus and stop Kronos.Perseus come and use Poseidon’s trident to save his father.

Perseus pray to Ares for challenging his brothers to a final fight at the temple of god,and Ares accepted it.because of power that Perseus have to win the fight,its only cause of his son.finally,perseus won the fight.Perseus and Heleus combine the gods weapon into the spear of triam.Zeus and Hades reconcile,Hades share some immortality with Zeus making Zeus younger and absolutely stronger.they use theIr power to defeat the tartarian army.Perceus flies into Krono’s throat and pieces weapon into his heart,destroying Kronos one and for all.

Perseus met with Zeus and Hades.Zeus say thank to Perseus for his bravely than he passed away and become dust.and Hades now as normal people and become to parts unknown.Perseus really happy because he still live with his son,and Andromeda also.


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