I would like to inform about “what makes smartphone smart”.from the phrase ”smartphone” we know there is something smart here.Some people may know what is smartphone,but some people may don’t know what is smartphone.Actually,smartphone is different with cellphone.I take the point in Key Features of smartphone.The features are Operating system,Applications,Web Access,and Messaging.

The first reason that make smartphone smart is operating system..Every smartphone have an operating system.what is operating system?operating system is the system that all programs operate in and also,what you see after you turn on a computer for the first time,but before you install another programs.Smartphone always have an operating system that make smartphone are fast to run all of programs in smartphone.The operating system have a great deal point to run smartphone. One smartphones product have different operating system with other smartphone.There is an operating system that smartphone use.For example:Apple’s iPhone runs  iOS.what is  iOS ? IOS  is a mobile  operating system develop and distributed by Apple inc.IOS is the specific operating system just for apple’s product,it is also called “the soul of  the Iphone”.IOS is the base software that allows all applications to run on an apple’s smartphone.Each smartphone have a specific operating system.

The second reason why smart phone is smart is Applications.A smartpone have a smart applications that makes user get easiness.Also,there is a store applications that user can use it if they want to buy an applications..And then,smartphone able to download applications.Each smartphone have specific store to download the applications.for example Nokia.Nokia have a store applications with the name OVI STORE.Another example is iPhone.iPhone have a store to download with the name ISTORE.There are many applications that user able to download such as : handy personal assistants,photo editor,and another applications that user can download by their smartphone.Then,smartphone is able to create or edit a Microsoft office document,or at least view the files.on the other hand,some smartphone allows to watch television.so,it really make the user feel comfortable with their smartphone because they don’t need television to watch because they have a smartphone that allows the user to watch.and,they don’t need to go home to watch something,but just use their smartphone that allows them to watch anywhere.

The third reason is Web Access.As I said,smartphone have an operating system. It is the brain of smartphone . Automatically, when you access on Web, smartphone can access the Web at higher speed.So,it makes the user feel the easiness when they use their smartphone to access on web.As we know,the user really crazy when they searching, browsing and  other.So,if they have a good networking connectivity,they will crazier because the higher speed of smartphone.if the user is a student,it’s really help them to do their assignment or send their assignment via e-mail totheir lecturers.and then,if the user is a bussinesman or businesswoman,they can use their smartphone to have good connectivity with their client.It is really usefull.

The last reason why smartphone called smart is Messaging.In a cell phone,we can send a text message but in a smartphone the user can do more.A smartphone have ability to handling e-mail.The user can create or push e-mail by smartphone.so,the user don’t need to use computer anymore because the user can do it by their smartphone.And then,smartphone also can access instant messaging such as Yahoo Messenger.

In conclusion,there are some features that make smartphone smart.They are operating system, applications, web access, and the last messaging. Well ladies and gentleman,that is all about what makes a smartphone smart.I hope my information is usefull for you all.


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